Actichem Fabric Shield RTU

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Fabric Shield by Actichem is an effective upholstery fabric protector that creates a resistance to repel stains and spills. Apply to couches and chairs to keep them cleaner and protected.

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  • Upholstery Protector
    Introducing Actichem’s Fabric Shield, a high quality water based upholstery protector. This upholstery protector can protect fabric from spills and stains as its highly repellent properties gives each fibre its resistance. It uses fluorochemical polymer technology to provide such protection.  It is effective against acid dye stains like cordial as well as food stains and hair and body oils. Applying Fabric shield at an earlier date, will ensure future steam cleanings are more effective in extracting soil, as the fibres would have repelled it.Features:

    • Wide range of uses – Table cloths, upholstery, any water cleanable fabric
    • Great protecting against wine stains, food stains, hair and body oils
    • Coverage = 1L per 5 seater lounge  or 1L : 5 square meters
    • Comes in 1L & 5L sizes.

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