Actichem Leather Conditioner

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Actichem Leather Conditioner: An effective cream that can replenish your leather couches’ feel and look whilst safeguarding it from scratches.

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Leather couch conditioner
Introducing Actichem’s Leather Conditioner: A cream that helps rejuvenate oils in leather to give it a soft and fresh feel. It achieves this by replenishing natural oils that are within leather.  This has been designed to work effectively on leather upholstery (such as a leather couch or leather sofa), table cloths and garments. This cream is ready to use and can be applied with a white terry towel. Wipe away any excess and buff the surface to a dry finish.

  • Restores leather: replenishes natural oils to give it a smooth and soft feel
  • Mild pH: The leather will not be damaged as it is conditioned as the mild pH takes this into account
  • Easy to apply: no wet liquid and quick evaporation, this is a easy to apply cream and can be applied with a towel.
  • Safeguards: Actichem Leather Conditioner safeguards against scratches, cuts and scruffs and adds a smoother feel.

NOTE: Over using this is not recommended. Repeated lighter applications is better than one big application.

  • 2 sizes available: 500ml & 5L

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500ml, 5L


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