Actichem Percide Boost

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Actichem introduces Percide Boost, an innovative solution that enhances the exceptional micro-organism killing power and destaining ability of AP610 Percide. With a convenient 1:9 mixing ratio, Percide Boost simplifies usage while delivering impressive outcomes. By combining Percide Boost with Percide at a 1:9 ratio, you can achieve the same remarkable results with greater speed, particularly in heavy-duty scenarios. Experience effortless and impressive cleaning results with Actichem’s Percide Boost.

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Percide, with its distinctive peroxide formula, exhibits a potent impact on mould spores, effectively neutralizing their growth. When combined with Percide Boost, the hydroxyl reaction against mould is significantly intensified, leading to a remarkable acceleration in the elimination of spores and the removal of discoloration and soiling. This dynamic combination reduces the overall time required to achieve thorough eradication and restore surfaces to their original cleanliness.

  • Add to Percide to enhance its effect
  • Comes in 500ml & 5L sizes

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500ml, 5L


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