Actichem System 7 Cleaning Pad

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Introducing System 7, the cutting-edge solution for superior hard floor cleaning that combines powerful dirt removal with impressive capacity. Designed to deliver outstanding results, this innovative system utilizes the System 7 floor pad and chemical solutions to achieve optimal and cost-effective cleaning performance in various environments. It offers a reliable and efficient long-term solution for maintaining and preserving the quality of your tiles and floors.

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General Cleaning:

Over time, mineral hard floors can become unsightly and stained due to years of dirt and detergent build-up. System 7 pads offer deep cleaning and effective dirt removal, making them ideal for large areas that require freshness, cleanliness, and hygiene.

Fire Restoration:

System 7 pads are a significant improvement for fire restoration compared to traditional sponges. When combined with Actichem Fire Fix and Fire Restore, they provide excellent results and eliminate the need for repainting some walls. The benefits of using System 7 for fire restoration are very extensive, but some of the significant benefits include the fact that the pads can be rinsed out and re-used again and again.


Using Tile & Grout Cleaner LF with System 7 pads reduces cleaning time and allows immediate use of the cleaned floor areas. Additionally, the pads have a long lifespan, can clean up to 10,000m2, and are tear-resistant even on structured tiles.

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203mm – 8", 400mm – 16", 425mm – 17", Hand 115x250mm


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