Bastion Nitrile Blue Long Cuff Gloves

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Introducing the latest thin-nitrile innovation, designed to combat hand fatigue while ensuring a snug fit that enhances tactile sensitivity.

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SuperTouch™ Technology:
Bastion Gloves have formulated a innovative level of thinness to their gloves that enables the user to receive stronger tactile feedback when wearing the gloves, without sacrificing the structure and exceptional puncture resistance and strength that Bastion Gloves are known for. This innovation have been named SuperTouch™. This formulation is so strong in fact that it gives more superior barrier protection than latex or vinyl gloves.

Nitrile vs Latex & Vinyl Gloves
Bastion SupertouchBlue Long Cuff Gloves are made of Nitrile instead of your standard Latex or Vinyl. This offers a competitive advantage over its competitors in that nitrile gloves is more chemically resistant,  resistant to punctures and tears and resistant to fats and oils in the body. It is not uncommon for people to have latex allergies and thus Nitrile gloves are often the safer choice to employ in job sites and workplaces. Additionally, nitrile gloves have a longer shelf life than latex or vinyl.

Fantastic for Restorers
As these gloves are optimised for chemical resistance as well as puncture and tear resistance, they provide the optimal solution for restores who need to protect their skin from the chemicals they use on a daily basis. The long cuff gloves ensure the user is protected in situations where they may dip a cloth or sponge into strong chemicals. It is perfect to use with chemicals such as  IAQ Pro Extreme Duty Cleaner, IAQ Pro SaniClean or Benefect Decon 30.  The strong nitrile makeup combined with SuperTouch™ formulation ensure the restorer gets gloves that enable strong tactile feedback & sensitivity without sacrificing durability.  It’s micro-textured makeup ensure that the restorer can grip things equally well, wet or dry.



AQL stands for Accepted Quality limits, and is a method to test for ‘pinhole’ defects that often come to any manufacturing of gloves on a mass scale. This is teste by placing water in gloves over a period time to see if water leaks out. A AQL rating of 1.5 means that under rigorous testing, less than 1.5% of gloves in the tested batches had some sort of defect. Many industries accept a 4% defect rate and so this is considered a high acceptable quality limits score.  It is this time of AQL rating that is perfect for restoration in mould remediation, fire damage restoration or sewage cleanup.

Additionally Bastion Nitrile SuperTouch Blue Long Cuff Gloves are HACCP certified. This is a certification standardised by the Food & Drug Association in America to control biological, chemical and physical hazards relating to food safety. As such, it has been certified by the FDA, and reflects a high quality product that is recognised.

Features & Benefits:

  • Powder Free & designed for ambidextrous use
  • Nitrile SuperTouch™ is a softer and thinner formulation, enhancing sensitivity and grip in wet and dry conditions
  • Provides superior barrier protection compared to latex and vinyl gloves
  • Certified by HACCP for quality assurance
  • Exceptional puncture resistance and strength
  • Made without latex, ensuring allergy-free use
  • Features a comfortable beaded cuff
  • High-quality examination gloves
  • Nitrile gloves offer full Micro Texturing for outstanding wet and dry grip
  • Extended Nitrile Long Cuff for added arm protection


Size Palm Width (mm) MGM Length
S 80-89 Min. 220
M 90-99  Min. 220
L 100-109  Min. 220
XL 110-119  Min. 220
2XL 120-129  Min. 220


Location of Thickness Measurement Single Wall (mm)
Finger Min. 0.15
Palm Min. 0.09
Cuff Min. 0.05

Physical Properties

Before Aging
Tensile Strength (MPa) Min. 14/td> td>Min. 14
Elongation (%) Min. 500

AQL Test Results

Inspection Level
Watertight Test G1
Major Defects G1
Dimensions S2
Physical Properties S2


Additional information

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2XL, Extra Large, Large, Medium, Small






Disposable, One Use

Pack Size

Pack of 100



Special Features

SuperTouch formulation, Microtextured, Powder-free


AQL 1.5 & HACCP Certified


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