IAQ Pro Zenith 45L Dehumidifier

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The IAQ Pro Zenith 45L Dehumidifier is a compact dehumidifier that remove up to 45L of water a day and is lightweight, easily stackable and transportable.

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Introducing the IAQ Pro Zenith 45L dehumidifier, a small compact and relatively lightweight dehumidifier that has a large range of features efficiently dries its surrounding areas.

Compact Lightweight Space Saving Design

This dehumidifier’s largest advantage is its light weight (24 kg) and space saving design. It can be carried relatively easily with double durable handles and stacked on top of each other, with grooves on top of each unit to effectively grip the dehumidifier placed on top. Additionally, because of its small rectangular build and stackability, it can easily be fit into smaller spaces, and can fit multiple even into the boot of your sedan or SUV.  A large amount of these dehumidifiers can be fit into your van, ready for any water damage job that you may walk into. For durability, it has been made out of rotomolded polypropylene housing and can withstand impacts and scratches.

Effective Drying

The Zenith 45L Dehumidifier is power dehumidifier for its small size, able to remove up to 45L per day (within conditions of 26°C, 60% RH), using a eco-friendly refrigerant R410A, hot gas bypass for low temperature defrost, automatic defrosting &  water pump out for purging.  It also features an easy to remove washable filter that captures dirt and debris, and has a splash guard switch.  Additionally it features a automatic humidistat control that can be adjusted, ensuring that you do not dry the target area too aggressively, as some dehumidifiers have been known to do without a programmable humidistat.

Why hire someone? Buy and DIY

Easily transportable and handled, the Zenith 45L Dehumidifier is simple to use and delivers effective results. Drying can be carried out effectively in combination with IAQ Pro Zephyr Axial fans or IAQ Pro Ventus low profile air movers. We recommend the Mini-Ligno by Lignomat for moisture testing. With this combination, you could complete the drying yourself and have a fleet of equipment ready for any water damage events in the future! It’s perfect for: Hotels, hospitals, shopping centres, restaurants, offices, child centres & classrooms etc.


  • Automatic defrost function
  • Auto display shows 25% to 90% of current humidity
  • Digital display with buttons for ease of control
  • up to 12 hour programmable timer
  • 2 wheels underneath, meaning it can be rolled on a angle, holding on to the opposite handle
  • 7.6m drain hose & 4.5m power cord
  • Stackable up to 4 units high
  • Approximately covers a 40-60 square meters

Additional information

Weight 24 kg
Dimensions 58 × 35 × 45 cm
Air Flow

300 CFM

Coverage Area




Noise Level


Settings for Humidstat





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