Ionmax ION610 Dehumidifier

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Ionmax ION610 desiccant dehumidifiers makes it simple and easy to breathe. Every day, remove up to 6L of moisture. CHOICE Recommended

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Dehumidifiers that are operate all year. even during winter

Effortlessly remove 6L of moisture per day from indoor air. Dry your clothes inside. Eliminate mould from the source and stop it from even growing

Anti-allergen air filter

Prevent allergens in the air from entering the dehumidifier. Easy to maintain.

Zeolite desiccant

Self-regenerating. No maintenance and replacement required.

Large 1.8L water tank

Continuous drainage option with a hose is available.


Full control over humidity level

Adjust the relative humidity and power levels for energy-saving operation or quick laundry drying.

Safe to use unattended

Auto mode with built- in humidistat. Switches off automatically when the tank is full and restarts after a power cut.

Generates soothing warmth

Help cut down your heating bill by returning energy to your home.

Coverage of up to 25sqm

Move it around your home using the carry handle on the back of the dehumidifier




Additional information

Weight 5.1 kg
Dimensions 45 × 18 × 27 cm
Tank Capacity



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