Nilfisk D36 Suction Brush for VHS42

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Introducing the Nilfisk Black D36 Suction Brush, the essential accessory for restorers when removing dirt/mould/soot.

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Introducing the Nilfisk Black D36 Suction Brush, compatible with the VHS42 L40 & L30 models. This accessory is useful when using vacuuming surfaces directly with your hand rather than the conventional long vacuum head. It’s bristle brush tips help to dislodge dust/dirt/spores, allowing the vacuum to remove the contaminants. It is compatible with the System 36 range of accessories, particularly the system 36 curved hand tube as well as the Ø36X4000 MM hose that is included with the VHS42 range of vacuums.


  • Mould remediation: Directly vacuuming surfaces to physically remove mould spores.
  • Fire Damage Restoration: initial vacuuming of loose soot before using chemical sponge and wet wash.
  • Dust/Plaster Dust/Dirt/Silica dust
  • Vacuuming small porous contents such as upholstered furniture/objects, soft toys, pillows
  • Vacuuming uneven surfaces
  • Document cleaning


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