DrainVac ProXtrak Portable Extractor

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ProXtrak by Drainvac is a high-performance central vacuum system that not only provides powerful cleaning but also automatically dispels extracted water, saving you time and effort. With a power output of 4.1 horsepower and a compact and lightweight design, the ProXtrak is the perfect choice for efficient and easy cleaning in water damage restoration situations.

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Looking for the perfect solution for disaster clean-up services? Look no further than the ProXtrak! Specifically designed for carpet washing and disaster clean-up tasks, this versatile vacuum can be easily transported and positioned over a toilet bowl, floor drain, or outside. Say goodbye to halting work to empty the tank; automatic dispelling of water ensures you save time! With a maximum usable distance of 15 meters from the unit, it provides powerful performance for a wide range of clean-up tasks. Whether you’re dealing with a small spill or a major disaster, our central vacuum is the perfect choice for fast and efficient clean-up.

  • Picks up liquids
  • Drains directly into the sewer system, thus reducing physical effort and associated injury risks
  • No manual emptying; everything is automatic!
  • Smart circuit board with electronic timer and indicator lights
  • Porthole window shows the unit in operation and helps with maintenance
  • Integrated timer

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Weight 17 kg
Dimensions 38 × 38 × 109 cm


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