Rinnai 2.6kW Portable Air Conditioner

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This is Rinnai’s 2.6kW Portable Air Conditioner which is perfect as a personal unit for a small-medium bedroom or office.

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Introducing Rinnai’s 2.6kW Portable air conditioner, Rinnai’s smallest capacity air conditioner on offer. It’s ideal application is recommended at 11-20 square meters, meaning that it can cover small bedrooms to medium sized bedrooms/offices. It has several features that help make this portable air conditioner quality product including:

  • Intelligent Sleep Mode – Using preset timers in sleep mode with an adaptive humidistat responsive to drops in temperature, this product can keep the room in optimal temperatures when you’re sleeping, ensuring to save energy and maximise comfort
  • No need to drain water – This air conditioner has self-evaporative features that push moisture into the exhausted air, meaning you don’t need to get up from the couch or the middle of the night to empty a tray of water. This machine looks after itself. Please note that in environments where humidity is high, drainage may be required.
  • Remote included – control the comfort of your temperature from where ever you are in the room with its remote control.
  • Washable filter –  Conveniently and easily washable, you can help your portable ac keep efficiency
  • Portable Air Conditioning – This portable AC unit has 4 caster wheels, and weighs only 32kg. It can fit in your car, and moved easily around the house. No professional installation required. It comes with an easily installed vent kit that works with most windows.
  • This product comes with a 2 year manufacturer’s warranty.

This portable air conditioner is a perfect answer to hot summers night in the bedroom, easy to install with no need of hiring a professional. It can be a quick solution in urgent situations. Please talk to our staff if you wish to hire out portable air conditioners.

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Weight 32 kg
Dimensions 47.6 × 38.5 × 71 cm


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