Stylus PP102 Clear Tape (48mmx75m)

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Introducing our General Purpose PSA Packaging Tape, the reliable solution for medium-duty applications such as boxing contents from water damage or fire damage situations.

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A versatile packaging tape with a natural rubber adhesive on a BOPP film, designed for medium duty use. The PP220 tape has a high temperature rating.


  • Sealing cartons and parcels
  • Bundling handles, rods, and plastic extrusions
  • Securing paper, cardboard, and stretch film
  • Suitable for the food and beverage industries
  • Perfect for packaging, shipping, transportation, and logistics industries.


  • Suitable for hand dispensers
  • Hi tack adhesive providing an instant bond
  • Good performance in low temperatures
  • Ideal for storage in extreme temperature conditions and high
  • moisture environments once applied.

Once the surface has been adequately prepared tape application can commence. Care should be taken to avoid finger contact with adhesive. The portion of tape held by your fingers should overlap the area being applied to & trimmed, as finger contact with any adhesive tape will significantly reduce its performance. Both single & double sided tapes require sufficient rub down pressure to ensure 100% surface contact. Where double sided tapes are being used pressure must be re-applied after both surfaces have been brought together. Surface temperature should be above 10ºC at time of application. (Use some heat if necessary – Hair Dryer, Fan Heater etc.).

SPECIAL NOTE: Adhesive Bond Strength will improve with time varying from a few hours to 2-3 days depending on the adhesive tape product used & climactic conditions. Ensure all tapes are stored in clean/dry condition & returned to the protective bag between use.

Additional information

Weight N/A
Dimensions N/A



48mm x 75mm

Total Thickness - um


Tensile Strength - N/cm


adhesive type

Natural rubber solvent

Backing Material

Polyporopylene Film

Pack Size

Carton of 36, Single


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