Stylus Heavy D Clear Tape 48mmx75m

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Introducing Strong heavy duty clean packing tape: Stylus PP102 Clear Tape. It’s outdoor suitable, water resistant, acrylic make up make it perfect for hey weight packaging.

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Highly durable packaging tape designed for industrial use, utilizing a pressure-sensitive acrylic adhesive applied to a top-quality OPP film, perfect for tasks that require medium to heavy-duty strength. This role of tape has a wide base of 48mm to ensure a complete and large seal and has a enormous length of 75m, ready for large packing jobs.

Uses & Benefits:

  • Sealing cartons and parcels securely.
  • Bundling and wrapping items securely.
  • Heavy Weight Packaging
  • Suitable for use on paper, cardboard, and stretch film
  • Made of Acrylic
  • Outdoor Suitable
  • Water resistant

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Carton of 36, Single


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