Actichem Encap Fine Fabric

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Encap Fine Fabric is an innovative encapsulation upholstery encapsulant cleaner that can encapsulate emulsified soil for easy extraction; it can be used without a steam extractor.

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Encap Fine Fabric from Actichem is a high quality cleaning detergent for upholstery, delicate fabrics and rug cleaning that does not require steam cleaning/extraction to clean your couch (Encapsulation cleaning), though steam cleaning can be used.=. It can also be foamed up to be used on dry-clean fabric, as a means of low moisture cleaning. Encap Fine Fabric is different to general carpet encapsulant cleaners as it has been designed specifically to target oily, greasy soiling that comes with upholstery.

How to Use for encapsulation cleaning:
Simply dilute Encap Fine Fabric with water 1:16, or 250ml per 4 litres of water.   Use about 1 Litre of made up Encap Fine Fabric to cover a 4 seater lounge. Spray it on the lounge until it is wetted out, and agitate with a brush or bonnet mitt. Remove excess moisture with a clean dry terry towel, and let it dry with increased ventilation. Once dry, give it a good vacuuming.  Please refer to product sheet for more information.


  • Encapsulation – the use of encapsulation agents help to capture emulsified soil, making it brittle for easy vacuum removal.
  • Leaves no chemical residue behind – it does, but it dries down to a brittle crystal which breaks off, leaving it residue free.
  • Prevents celluosic browning and stabilises fibre dyes.
  • Mild pH level

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