Actichem Foamex Liquid Concentrate

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Actichem’s Foamex liquid is a concentrate that when made, can instantly collapse foam in your waste tank, hose and wand when applied. It helps return to peak efficiency by ridding the system of foam.

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Introducing Actichem’s Foamex Liquid: a liquid defoamer concentrate that helps break down foam in your wands, waste tank and hoses. F0aming in your equipment may happen from time to time and when it happens, it can slow down the speed and efficiency of the job. Use Actichem’s Foamex Liquid to instantly collapse foaming in your waste tank, hoses and wand to return to peak efficiency. It is definitely a companion you’ll need if you regularly carpet clean.

  • Instant foam collapse when using RTU solution
  • Dilutes between 1:4 to 1:10 with clean water, potentially up to 25L-55L of use
  • Will not affect pH or cleaning performance
  • All fibre safe

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  1. Mix solution of 1:4 to 1:10 of Foamex Liquid with clean water, depending on severity.
  2. Pour 250ml to 500ml into the hose of a running extraction machine
  3. repeat the process when foam generation is high.

Product Specifications
Fragrance: Honey
Safety: Non-hazardous
Colour: White liquid
Packaging: 5L & 20L

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5L, 20L


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