Actichem Mould Exterminator

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Actichem has developed AP726, a Mould Exterminator that is the result of extensive research aimed at maximizing the effectiveness of chlorine in hypochlorite solution. This innovative chemical formulation greatly amplifies the oxidizing properties of chlorine, leading to a remarkably swift eradication of fungal and mould cells. The addition of powerful wetting agents ensures exceptional penetration through organic matter and deep into porous surfaces, further augmenting the product’s extraordinary ability to eliminate mould.

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The exceptional formula of our Mould Remover offers unmatched efficacy in consistently resolving mould issues. Its remarkable super-wetting properties ensure consistent and reliable outcomes in every mould remediation task. Upon application, you will witness the potent stain removal capabilities of our product, with visible results appearing almost immediately on mould-affected surfaces. By deeply penetrating the affected areas, Mould Remover effectively eradicates the mould hyphae and root system, guaranteeing a 100% clearance report for each mould remediation project. Additionally, our product stands out for its convenience and safety, as it is a ready-to-use solution that eliminates the need for mixing.

  • Disinfects bio-contaminated surfaces.
  • Kills mould (including roots and hyphae) and removes the staining.
  • Penetration – To provide complete mould removal of target surfaces, this powerful anti-microbial package has been combined with super-wetting technology. This enables the Hypochlorous Acid to penetrate faster and deeper into the inner-structure of fibre and porous substrates.
  • Cleaning – Mould Exterminator also provide outstanding cleaning power to remove the accompanying organic grime.
  • Almost instant stain removal with no scrubbing.
  • Ideal for use in uninhabited buildings, strip-outs, sub-floors, external walling, landscape structures, roofs and pathways.

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