Actichem Perox (50% Hydrogen Peroxide)

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Perox is a potent solution of Hydrogen Peroxide, with a concentration of 50%. It is well-liked in the commercial laundry industry for its ability to remove stains, whiten fabrics, and sanitize garments and linen at low temperatures. Additionally, Perox finds extensive use as a specialized stain remover on various surfaces such as carpets, fabrics, and porous hard materials. It is environmentally friendly in nature and biodegradable. Order now!

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In Stock - Delivery Only

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  • Colour: Clear (water white)
  • pH: 1.5
  • Fragrance: None
  • Dilution: 20 – 30ml per litre of ready to use chemical
  • Safety profile: Class 5.1 Oxidising agent

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