CEM DT-128m Non-invasive Moisture Meter

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Buy the CEM DT-128m Non-invasive Moisture Meter today! This moisture meter uses high frequencies to measure moisture content in materials without contact, making it safe to use on materials. It’s quick real time readings make it a convenient choice for initial inspections.

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CEM’s DT-128m Non-invasive Moisture Meter
Introducing CEM’s DT-128m Non-invasive Moisture Meter.  This capacitive moisture meter is non-destructive, unlike moisture meters that use inserted pins, leaving behind pin marks. The DT-128m measures changes in a material’s capacitance which can indicate it’s moisture content. The DT-128m achieves this by sending out a high frequency, which is affected by the material’s capacitance. While this may sound confusing, simply put, the DT-128m non-invasive moisture meter can measure moisture content in materials without even having to make contact with the material.

Non-contact Moisture Readings
Simply placing the meter near the material, it can measure moisture content with a depth of 20-40mm. It outputs readings with a content moisture value system it will indicate whether it is dry, at risk or wet:

Scale: <30 is dry, 30-60 at risk, >60 Wet

How to Use
The DT-128m is very simple to use. With the 3xAA batteries in stalled, hold up the moisture meter so that it is in the air and clear of any materials, walls or ceilings. Press the On button, and then the  “MEAS” (measure) button. It will display “CAL” in order to quickly calibrate. After a second or two, it will start measuring content moisture percentage.  Hold the meter’s moisture sensor near the material you want to measure.


  • Moisture readings in walls
  • building materials
  • carpet/concrete
  • any surface
  • Quick real time readings, handy for initial inspection
  • quick detection of moisture
  • Situations where being delicate for the material is required.


  • Non-destructive, non-invasive, non-contact moisture reading
  • Depth of 20-40mm moisture reading
  • Programmable alarms
  • White backlit LCD Display
  • Content Moisture % reading
  • Pressure HOLD to freeze reading on screen
  • Immediate real time readings

What’s included:
Battery, Carry Case, Instruction Manual, Test Certificate.

Additional information

Weight 3 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm
Penetrating Depth



3x AAA Batteries

Content Moisture Scale



White Backlit LCD display


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CEM DT-128M Manual
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