CEM DT-8890 Manometer

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Create the perfect negative air pressure set up with your dust barrier / containment wall! This manometer (differential pressure gauge) helps detect the air pressure differences between your containment zone and the outside environment, ensuring you set up efficient negative airing.

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Differential pressure gauge meter / Negative air containment

Introducing the CEM DT-8890 Manometer, a portable, easily-read, digital differential pressure gauge, which helps the user detect the differences of pressure between two environments. This unit has a range of uses, but what is particularly useful to Agile equipment and the restoration community, is the meters ability to measure the difference of pressure between a containment zone and the outside environment.

As IIRC standards require, a containment zone that is used to contain mould or other hazardous dusts must have a negative air pressure, so that whenever a doorway to the containment zone is open, air rushes in and not out, preventing cross contamination. A requirement of -5Pa is required by the standard, but more like -8Pa is ideal.  CEM DT-8890 can be a hand meter in helping you measure how much negative air pressure you are creating in your containment zone and if you’re reaching the standard. By running tubing from the meter into a slit of your containment zone and another tubing to the open environment, you can detect the difference in pressure. This information may inform you whether there is a hole or gap in your containment barrier or whether or not you have a strong enough negative air set up.

This differential pressure gauge can measure in 11 different selectable units: inH2O , psi, bar, mbar, kPa , inHg , mmHg ,ozin,ftH2O , cmH2O, kgcm. It also can freeze the screen for 30 seconds so that you can record its reading. It’s range of reading differential pressure is -20 to +20 Pa, and so has a perfect range for containment barrier set ups. For your convenience it also gives a max, min and average statistics for your differential. pressure gauge readings to give a balanced overview of the readings being taken. Its large LCD screen with a backlight option makes it easy and simple to read results of testing. At 280g, with 210mm x 75mm x 50mm dimensions and a rugged ergonomic chassis, this meter seems to be made for restoration technicians on the jobsite.


  • Differential Pressure Gauge reads between a range of -20Pa to +20 Pa
  • Measures difference of pressure between two environments
  • Perfect for setting up a negative air set up for a containment zone / dust barrier
  • 11 different measurement units: inH2O , psi, bar, mbar, kPa , inHg , mmHg ,ozin,ftH2O , cmH2O, kgcm
  • Dual LCD screens with backlight option
  • 210mm x 75mm x 50mm @ 280g
  • Runs off 9v battery


  • CEM DT-8890 Manometer
  • USB cable
  • 9v power supply
  • software
  • soft tubing
  • Packaging
  • carry case



Additional information

Weight 0.28 kg
Dimensions 5 × 7.7 × 21 cm

9V Battery (included)


Dual LCD backlit screen

Measures in

inH2O , psi, bar, mbar, kPa , inHg , mmHg ,ozin,ftH2O , cmH2O, kgcm


210mm x 75mm x 50mm




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