CleanSpace CSTABEK1 Combined Filter

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Introducing the CleanSpace CST Combined Filters: Compact filters that easily clip into CleanSpace PRO and ULTRA Power Units, offering efficient protection against various airborne particulates.

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The CleanSpace CST ABEK1P3 Combined Filters offer effective defense against airborne particles (such as dust, mists, and fumes) as well as organic and inorganic gases or vapors. They provide protection against solvents, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide with boiling points above 65°C. The CleanSpace CST Combined Filters are designed to be compact and can be conveniently clipped directly into the CleanSpace PRO Power Unit (CST1000) and CleanSpace ULTRA Power Unit (CST1010) without the need for an adaptor. These filters are equipped with the capability to collect filter usage data, which can be accessed through the CleanSpace Smart App.

IMPORTANT: The filters are compatible with latest model CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpace PRO PAPR Power Units. When selecting a CleanSpace Filter please consult a Health and Safety specialist for advice on the appropriate respiratory equipment and filter use.

  • Designed for use with CleanSpace ULTRA and PRO PAPR systems: lightweight and hose/belt-free
  • Provides protection against various airborne particulates: dust, mists, fumes, organic and inorganic gases or vapours, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide (boiling point >65°C)
  • Made with fibreglass particulate media and housed in a plastic casing with a silicone seal
  • Simple and quick installation and removal from the power unit

Mining, Welding, Manufacturing, Smelting, Construction, Recycling Plants, Emergency, Service, Agriculture, Processing Plants, Grinding, Fire Damage Restoration, Mould remediation.

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