EcorPro DryFan DH1200 Dehumidifier

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Industrial strength dehumidifier for boats, the stainless steel framing makes it extremely durable and easy to clean to be used on boat, yachts or use near coastal areas

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Designed for harsh and humid conditions

Unlike regular household dehumidifiers, the DryFan® Pro stainless steel desiccant dehumidifiers are purposely built for boats, yachts, and for use near coastal areas.

Small, compact and sturdy, the DryFan® Pro dehumidifiers are designed to run 24/7 and will extract moisture even down to -20°C room temperature.


UK Patented Design


Moisture Removal Rates

DH1200 PRO- 12L/day


Salt resistant Stainless Steel Construction

The DryFan® Pro stainless steel desiccant dehumidifier is ideal for many boats, yachts and ships where cleanliness is important. Its efficient performance not only helps protect the boats from the harmful effect of excessive moisture, it also prevents the electronics, furnishing and the very fabric of the hull from rotting inside and outside. Continuous use of the dehumidifier eliminates odours associated with high humidity, making the cabin more pleasant to inhabit. Its salt-resistant stainless steel housing can withstand harsh coastal and ocean conditions, making the DryFan® Pro ideal for use in beach houses and coastal homes, too.


Fully automatic dehumidifier for 24/7 use


Continues operating in temperatures as low as -20°C


Dries 4 to 7 times faster than traditional dehumidifiers


Freestanding dehumidifier or mount in any configuration


Equivalent to a 25 Liter Dehumidifier

The EcorPro DryFan® Pro dehumidifier dries even below 5°C when all other dehumidifiers stop working.

Below 25°C, it often works 4-6 times better at extracting water than much larger normal dehumidifiers at room temperatures.


Powerful DryFan® Technology

How it works

The EcorPro desiccant dehumidifiers use DryFan® technology and use a continuously rotating moisture-absorbing patented wheel termed a “Rotor”.

A highly efficient yet low noise fan draws air into the unit (Process Air) and forces it through a section of the rotor.

As the air passes through the rotor, the honeycomb, of hygroscopic membranes absorbs almost all of the moisture creating an extremely dry airstream.


Duct air in from the same room or a remote point

Concentrate the dampest air into the boat dehumidifier to be dried if needed.

The EcorPro DryFan® Pro Dehumidifier is fitted with a metal duct flange on the filter grill. This gives you the option to install an external 125mm duct to draw in the air from a more remote point.


Vent moisture out

The Ecorpro dehumidifier does not produce liquid water.

Instead, it vents water through a 41mm (1-1/2″) exhaust pipe. This pipe can be a flexible hose or a common push-fit wastewater pipe that you can get in any local DIY store.  

Due to this, it is a fully automatic dehumidifier that can be run 24/7 with no buckets of water to empty every day.


“Superb Marine Dehumidifier”

The Yachting World magazine writes that dehumidifiers are an essential investment to protect the interiors of a yacht over the winter months.

“After much research and using and trialling other models we ultimately selected the DryBoat 12 for our expedition yachts… we love its commercial-grade construction and that it is also easily set up for a permanent installation – meaning it does not sit out in the open getting knocked about. Most of all, we really liked that it expels moist air through a vent rather than draining into a tank or sink, so it really can be left operating almost indefinitely.

It’s rare that we rate something this highly but the DryBoat 12 has proven to be a superb marine dehumidifier that has delivered exceptional results all summer in tough environments such as Spitsbergen and Norway.”





  • The DH1200 Pro has a dry air outlet flange for adding a duct of up to 3m.
    With this, you have the option of adding a duct to exhaust dry air out or to a different space.
  • Max 1m wet air out duct length
  • Max 3m process air in duct length
  • 12L/day extraction rate
  • Dimensions: 200mm (height) x 200mm (width) x 300mm (length)


Standard sized fittings for input air duct (125mm) and wet air exhaust (40mm) are easy to source from your local DIY stores.

Long ~4m power cord – No need to join cables when placed in crawl spaces or lofts in the home.


Ideal for boats, homes near coastal areas or areas in the home that are not heated but prone to dampness, such as cabins, storage facilities & crawl spaces.


With the DH1200 Pro, dry, clean air can be ducted out to where you want. Ideal for use in lofts to keep underground rooms or bathrooms dry. Much more energy-efficient than an extractor fan.


The Ecorpro DryFan® Pro dehumidifier can be used as a freestanding dehumidifier or installed in cupboard space. Quiet and out of sight. Protect your home while saving space.


Auto Reset

Automatically restarts operation when the power supply returns after an interruption.


Safe to Use

The patented technology is both safe and energy efficient and can never overheat to hazardous temperatures, even if vents become accidentally blocked.


Low Noise Fan

At under 50dB, its low noise fan makes this model ideal for small spaces such as bedrooms, workspaces, engine compartments, or onboard toilets.


Carry Handle

Flat handle that can be extended to allow easy carrying in one hand.


On Four Feet

Anti-scratch plastic feet can be swivelled out to make four anchor points so that the dehumidifier can be fastened with suitable screws or bolts (not provided) to walls or simply fastened down onto a surface.


Compact desiccant dehumidifier for boats and homes

The Dryfan® Pro industrial-strength boat dehumidifiers are designed to be used almost anywhere, including boats, living spaces, lofts, basements and crawl spaces. Set it up in any orientation – it’ll even work upside down! With its durable construction, the Dryfan® Pro can be used as a central dehumidifier for your seaside/lake storage facility or boat. It’s also small enough to be carried by one person and is easily transported with the carrying handle.

For homes, boat storage facilities


Under cabin dehumidifier


Dehumidifier for the storage facility, or side-mounted engine dehumidifier


Regulate humidity on the unit or remotely.

There is both an internal humidistat fitted and the possibility to put on an external humidistat but one can also be added very easily.


An optional (add-on) remote humidistat control can be connected to turn the dehumidifier on and off automatically remotely if the dehumidifier is concealed or ducted in position.


EcorPro Humidistat Control for DryFan® Dehumidifiers

Additional information

Weight 7.2 kg
Dimensions 44 × 26 × 28 cm


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