Tramex CMEX5 Moisture Meter

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Concrete moisture meter for measuring moisture content and relative humidity in concrete floors and slabs, wood & building materials.


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The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 or also known as CMEX5 is a strongly built, high quality digital moisture meter used for concretes or solid surfaces such as floors and slabs. It also measures Ambient Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, and Humidity Ratio (or Mixing Ratio) of the environment through the use of its Hygrometer feature. Aside from that, it also lets the user measure relative humidity in concrete as per ASTM F2170 by being able to attach wood pin probes or Tramex Hygro-i2 Relative Humidity Sensors through its bayonet plug-in port. To avoid further water damage, the external pin and Hygrometer best fit testing the following:

  • concrete and flooring for professionals in the concrete coatings
  • wood flooring


CMEX5 also offers the following features:

  • using Gravimetric testing as a baseline, the CMEX5 shows an accurate moisture measurement result
  • can measure concrete floors and slabs roughly 20mm deep
  • offers quantitative Carbide Method equivalent readings for Concrete and Anhydrite/Gypsum substrates and screeds
  • compare readings by using two reference scales which best fits for moisture testing based on ASTM F2659


The use of the CMEX5 can be extended with the optional Concrete Moisture Probe which measures in-situ quantitative moisture content within the concrete to an extendable depth of up to 4″ (100mm).


Moisture Mapping & Data Documentation


In order to easily share data, CMEX5 results can also be used moisture mapping and gathering reports and data through the Tramex Meters App . Bluetooth connectivity to mobile devices also helps to GeoTag test results, create, save and share photos.

Non Destructive ASTM F2659 In-Situ Relative Humidity ASTM F2170 BS 8201 BS 8203
Ambient RH,T, DP, gr/kg Concrete Moisture Content 0-6.9% CM Equivalent Concrete 0-4.3 CM Equivalent Anhydrite/Gypsum 0-2.7 Gypsum Reference 0-12 Wood Moisture Content 5-30%
Wood Moisture Equivalent 0-100 Free Accompanying App Extension Handle (optional)



  1. Non-destructive test (NDT) mode: The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 is a non-destructive digital multi moisture meter for concrete floors and slabs providing instant and precise quantitative measurement of moisture content using Gravimetric testing as a baseline. The CMEX5 also provides Carbide Method equivalent readings for concrete and anhydrite/gypsum substrates and screeds, as well as comparative readings as per ASTM F2659.
  2. Hygrometer mode:  The Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter X5’s built-in Ambient Relative Humidity Sensor measures Ambient Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point, and Humidity Ratio (or Mixing Ratio) of the environment.
  3. Equilibrium Relative Humidity mode (optional plug-in probe): Using the optional plug-in Hygro-i2 RH probes, the CMEX5 concrete moisture meter will measure Equilibrium Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew Point and Humidity Ratio in structural materials. A structural material such as a concrete slab can be tested using the in-situ method or RH Hood methods (International Standards: ASTM F2170 & BS 8201, 8203, 5325). Relative Humidity Probes can also be used for ambient RH measurements within air spaces.
  4. PIN Meter mode (optional plug-in probe): The Tramex CMEX5 concrete moisture meterbecomes a resistance type meter and measures the percentage moisture content (%MC) of wood when used with the optional plug-in PIN meter. International wood standards or pre-programmed wood species can be selected. PIN meter mode can also be used for Drywall and WME (Wood Moisture Equivalent) readings for other building materials.

Concrete Moisture Meter Features

  • 4 modes of measurement: Non-destructive moisture measurement, ambient hygrometer, and optional external in-situ hygrometer and wood pin probe.
  • 5 Non-Destructive test (NDT) Scales: Concrete %MC, CM Concrete (Carbide Method equivalent for concrete), CM Anhydrite/Gypsum (Carbide Method equivalent), Gypsum Reference 0-12 and a Reference scale.
  • Instant and precise readings to a depth of approximately 20mm (3⁄4″) into the concrete slab, for reproducible and reliable results.
  • The built-in Hygrometer probe provides Ambient Relative Humidity (%RH) readings, temperature, dew-point temperature and Humidity Ratio.
  • Pin-probe mode for 5% to 30% Moisture Content measurement in Wood; 7 -100 comparative (WME), using Pin-type probe attachments. (optional)
  • Airspace conditions of Relative Humidity, Temperature, Dew-point and Humidity Ratio (using optional RH probes)
  • Moisture readings and scale are displayed on a large, clear easy-to-read clear digital display: 2.3″ x 1.4″ (58mm x 35mm).
  • Front lit display allows the CMEX5 concrete moisture meter’s display to be easily read in poor light conditions.
  • Bluetooth connection to accompanying IOS & Android App allowing for continual development and integration of apps and reporting.
  • Hold Function which enables the user to “freeze” the reading, useful when taking readings where the meter face may not be visible.
  • Spring-loaded contact pins compensate for uneven concrete and boost signal penetration.
  • Rugged ergonomically designed enclosure.


How it works

Tramex Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 detects and evaluates the moisture conditions within the slab or screed by non-destructively measuring the electrical impedance. A low frequency electronic signal is transmitted into the material under test via the electrodes in the base of the instrument. The strength of this signal varies in proportion to the amount of moisture present in the material. The Concrete Moisture Encounter X5 determines the strength of the current and converts this to a moisture content value for concrete slabs and a comparative value for other cementitious floor screeds, displayed on a large clear digital dial.



Additional information

Weight 0.357 kg
Dimensions 18.0 × 8.5 × 4.0 cm

180mm x 85mm x 40mm (7.1" x 3.4" x 1.6")


357g (12.59oz)


ABS Body


2 x AALR6 ALKALINE (included)



Depth of penetration in concrete

approx. 20mm (3⁄4")

Moisture content for Concrete

0 → 6.9 %

Comparative for Gypsum floor screed

0 → 12

CM Equiv Anhydrite/Concrete

0→2.7 / 0→4.3

Reference scale

0 → 100

Relative Humidity

0 → 99%

(with optional Hygro-i2 ® probe)

0% → 99%RH +/- 2% @ 25°C / 77°F

Moisture content for wood (with optional wood pin probes)

5 → 30 %


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