CleanSpace Particulate TM3/P3 Filter (Pack of 3)

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Introducing the CleanSpace Particulate Standard TM P3 Filter – the ultimate solution for safeguarding against airborne particulates. Compatible with Pro and Ultra power systems by CleanSpace.

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The CleanSpace CST Particulate Standard TM P3 Filter is designed to provide effective defense against airborne particles such as dust, mists, and fumes.

IMPORTANT: The filters are compatible with latest model CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpace PRO PAPR Power Units. When selecting a CleanSpace Filter please consult a Health and Safety specialist for advice on the appropriate respiratory equipment and filter use.

  • Compatible with the innovative CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpace PRO PAPR systems: lightweight and hose/belt-free.
  • Provides protection against airborne particulates like dust, mists, and fumes.
  • Constructed with fibreglass particulate media, plastic casing, and silicone seal.
  • Simple and fast installation and removal from the power unit.
  • AS/NZS1716: 2012 & EN 12942 Standard compliant
  • Includes a pack of 3 filters.

Suitable uses:
Mining, Welding, Manufacturing, Smelting, Construction, Recycling Plants, Emergency Services, Agriculture, Processing Plants, Grinding.

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Weight 0.063 kg
Dimensions 12 × 13.5 × 4.5 cm


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