IAQ Pro Apex 90L Dehumidifier

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Check out IAQ Pro’s most capable dehumidifier the Apex 90L. This large Dehumidifier is suited for larger rooms.

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Dehumidifier / Dehumidifier for Mould

Introducing the Apex 90L dehumidifier, IAQ Pro’s most capable Low Grain Refrigerant (LGR) dehumidifier. This high performing dehumidifier is able to remove up to 90L of water per day from high moisture excess areas, making it a perfect dehumidifier for those tough jobs that have extensive water damage.  At recommended coverage area of 60-85 square meters, this dehumidifier can cover large areas and is easy to transport because of its large wheels and durable handle. For those looking for space saving in their vans or warehouses, these units are also capable of stacking 2 high. Dehumidifiers are effective at removing moisture in the air and surfaces, which is a large contributor for mould growth. Using dehumidifiers therefore helps with getting rid of problematic moisture that causes mould growth.


  • Auto-drain pump – As moisture is removed from the saturated air, it is placed into its 1L tank. To keep continuous operation, an automatic pump is  used to periodically pump water out of the tank and expelled down the the drain hose. Placing the drain hose into a drain, shower, toilet or outside means no active supervision is required for operating this dehumidifier.
  • Cord Wrap Design – This unit has a convenient cord wrap feature for both the power cord and the drain house, ensuring all cords remain conveniently on the dehumidifier at all times. It makes for easy storage
  • Adjustable Humidistat – The Apex 90L Dehumidifier has the feature to set what humidity you want the dehumidifier to dry to. This is important, especially when high performing dehumidifiers such as the Apex 90L can over-dry environments that can cause warping of doors. An adjustable humidistat means you can create an optimal drying environment without being too dry. The humidistat can be set between 24-99%
  • Ducting Compatible – Can be used in combination with ducting, as the dry air outlet is designed for matching with ducting. This means that the unit can sit outside the target area, taking in outside air, and delivering dry air into the intended area. This can help create a positive airing solution.
  • Defrosting – To ensure peak efficiency and removal of residual moisture in the dehumidifier after completing work, an auto and manual defrost feature are included in the machine
  • Digital Display – Setting timers, setting humidistat, purging, defrosting are the features you can use with the digital display
  • Washable Filter – The filter used to capture dust and particulates is easily removed and washable
  • Uses Eco-friendly R410A refrigerant

The IAQ Pro Apex 90L Dehumidifier is ideal for commercial use and is more than capable for residential use.

Additional information

Weight 46 kg
Dimensions 60 × 56 × 89 cm




Noise Rating


Drying Capacity

90L per day

Adjustable Humidistat Range



220-240V / 50Hz


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