IAQ Pro Hydrogen Peroxide 20%

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Hydrogen Peroxide 20% is recommended as an airborne fogging aid for residue free disinfection of surfaces contaminated with mould, spores, viruses, bacteria and fungus, as well as a powerful disinfectant for surface cleans.

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Introducing IAQ Pro’s Hydrogen Peroxide 20% cleaner, a powerful disinfectant that is quite capable  not only in disinfecting and sanitising a surface but is very efficient in removing the toughest of stains.

Hydrogen peroxide (H2O2) is only an extra oxygen molecule difference to water (H2O). Because of this extra oxygen molecule, Hydrogen Peroxide has a strong oxidising effect on what it comes in contact with, changing the structure of a residue and thus causing stains and bio contaminants like mould to become easily removed. It helps remove stains on a molecular level.

IAQ Pro’s Hydrogen Peroxide 20%, has a stronger oxidising effect than IAQ Pro Sani Clean, but does not contain surfactant. In this case, this means that Hydrogen Peroxide 20% is useful in wiping/mopping down surfaces in which stains are harder to be removed, where as Sani clean has a more gentler clean that can be foamed to increase dwell time.  Because of its powerful oxidising effect, it is recommended as a powerful fogging aid for residue free disinfection.

Hydrogen Peroxide 20% has the following uses:

  • Disinfecting & sanitising general surfaces (Wiping/airborne application)
  • Clean mould and mildew effectively
  • remove soot of surfaces
  • Removing soap scum and water stains from glass doors and windows.
  • Tile & grout cleaning
  • Disinfecting kitchen counters and food preparation areas.

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