IAQ Pro Nova Centrifugal Carpet Dryer

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The IAQ Pro Nova Centrifugal Carpet Dryer is a must have blower for effectively drying carpets. This stackable blower has 4 angles to dry from with 3 different speeds.

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Introducing IAQ Pro’s Nova Centrifugal Carpet Dryer, a blower / air mover that is effective in drying carpets with its 3 different speeds. Built specifically to dry carpet, this blower can also dry various flooring such as wood flooring and concrete. It is also effective at drying drywall, building materials, skirting boards and pine/timber.

4 Different Drying Positions

The IAQ Pro Nova Centrifugal Carpet Dryer is convenient in that it has 4 different positions to dry from:

  • The default position allows to you directly dry carpet, flooring and skirting boards as it directly targets the ground
  • The kickstand underneath, when propped, allows the blower to dry at a slight elevation
  • Stands/rubber feet on the back allow the unit to dry at a 45° angle, to help target elevated sources of moisture.
  • Stands/rubber feet on the back also allow the unit to dry at a full 90 degree angle, allowing it to target ceilings directly above it.

This means that at standing positions, this blower is able to target any angle needed to dry moisture.

Lifting Carpet / Carpet Blower

This carpet dryer has a maximum of 1300 CFM, which is sufficient to lift carpet when drying underneath. This process is important not only in drying the surface of carpet, but drying the underside as well as the underlay and concrete underneath. Some air movers do not have the air flow capacity to be able to lift carpet, so it’s important to use carpet dryers such as the IAQ Pro Nova. By lifting carpet, it is ensured that dry air is being delivered. These units also include a carpet clamp at the front, to ensure that the carpet is attached to the blower as it dries, making for an easier lift.

Stackable Design

This blower has been designed as a stackable blower, up to 4 units high. Grooves on the bottom of the blower allow the handle of the blower underneath to sit nice and snug, creating a stable stack. This is perfect for those looking to optimise space in their vans, preparing for large jobs. Additionally, convenient grooves allow for efficient cord wrapping and the unit has an ergonomic grip on a sturdy polymer/rotomolded handle in built into the chassis.


  • Carpet Drying
  • Drying building materials, gyprock / drywall, skirting boards, timber / pine framing, wood flooring,  concrete
  • Inflatable industry / sky dancers for advertising
  • Improving ventilation to an area, for example painting a room
  • Drying upholstery, drying after carpet cleaning (carpet cleaning blowers),

Additional information

Weight 13.5 kg
Dimensions 46 × 42 × 46.5 cm
Amp Draw

2.9 Amps @ High Speed



Air Flow

1100 CFM on low, 1200 CFM on Medium, 1300 CFM on High


Low 1100RPM, Medium 1200RPM, High 1300RPM


220-240V / 50Hz




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