Lignomat Ligno-Versatec Moisture Meter

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Introducing Lignomat’s Ligno-Versatec Moisture Meter. This Pin/pinless moisture meter can measure  moisture in a variety of wood species & engineered materials like concrete, plasterboard, carpet and more. This unit is perfect for water damage restoration, moisture inspections and as a moisture meter for walls.

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Introducing Lignomat’s  Pin, pinless and relative humidity moisture meter. This moisture meter delivers is a multi-fuctional meter, in a simple, reliable and easy-to-use design, made for the use of wood and non wood materials.

Pinless Moisture Meter
This moisture meter has a non-destructive pinless mode, that helps detect moisture in materials, including gyp rock wall and concrete, up to 2cm in depth. It achieves this with two flat measuring plates placed on the back of the meter. Simply select pinless mode, and hold the meter to the intended surface. This is quite handy in situations where a careful hand is required.  It can be used on hardwoods, soft woods, bamboos, composite and engineered materials as well.  Customisable settings allow moisture content readings to be specified to 150 different settings, including specific gravity” to account for different wood species.   Additionally, the pinless mode has greater capability to measure moisture at lower levels, which is significantly important to the flooring industry.

Moisture Meter Electrode for Water Damage Restoration / Floor Damage / Moisture Meter for Walls
Use the E14-V electrode to help inspect moisture in building materials with pins ranging from 2cm to 5cm. These are perfect for water damage technicians who regularly have to check moisture levels in places such as skirting boards, gypsum rock / plasterboard, window sills, tiles, concrete and much more. For stronger penetration, use the Slide Hammer electrode, to help apply force. This is helpful when needing to take indepth moisture readings in wood and engineered materials.

Combine with the RH Thermo-Hygro Probe for Relative Humidity Readings
Water damage technicians understand that relative humidity plays a significant role when measuring moisture content and its impact on wooden flooring. Even drying effectively and mould remediation require the same information. Combine the Ligno-Versatec with the RH Thermo-Hygro Probe to get instant relative humidity readings to inform your understanding of the moisture situation and how to best move forward.  This probe can provide ambient relative humidity (RH), grains per pound (GPP) and dew point temperature (DPT) & temperature. This is connected via a 3.5mm jack.


  • Pinless mode, from 1/4 to 3/4 inch depths of measurement (6mm to 18mm)
  • Use Pinless mode to measure building materials during inspections
  • Pins ranging from 2cm-18cm’
  • Combine with the RH thermo-hygro probe for Relative humidity readings
  • Can be customised to 150 different settings’
  • Runs on 9V battery

What’s included: 

  • Ligno-Versatec Moisture Meter
  • EV-14 Electrode, pin head for reading moisture in materials
  • Slide Hammer Electrode
  • Cables included
  • Includes medium carry case

Additional information

Measuring Range

Pin Mode – 5-99%, Pinless Mode 5-60%

Measuring Depth

Up to 6.4cm with E12 Pins, Up to 17.5cm with E14 pins

Wood Species

150 settings




6 x 12 x 2.5cm


9V Battery


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