Portable 6.1kW Air Conditioner MADE BY ICEN

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This portable air conditioner provides a large 6.1kW cool capacity for spaces up to 50m². With cooling outlet nozzles to direct cool air, this spot cooler can work both as a directional cooler and a room cooler. It also features caster wheels for portability, and a drip tank for the condensate water.

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  • Event Cooling
  • Temporary Air-conditioning
  • Retail Shops and Office Spaces
  • Factories & Warehouses
  • Medical/Health Practices
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Category: SKU: 110003


Buy the 6.1kW Portable Air Conditioner by ICEN 

Need more power out of a portable air con unit? This unit provides 6.1kW of cooling power, perfect for larger office rooms, server rooms, marquees, events, and more. It features a variable thermostat, timer system, and alarm to notify of a full water tank. If the water/condensation tank reaches full, it will automatically stop until emptied to prevent a water leak. It features dual ducting for the cool air, as well as a ducting port for exhausting hot air. It can also be set to spot cool.

Please note, that the unit comes unbranded but it is the WPC-500 Model made by ICEN Weltem Korea. It comes with a 12 month Australian warranty.


  • Event Cooling –
    Portable air conditioners are perfect for event spaces and conferences.
  • Temporary Air Con –
    Great for places that need air conditioning during excessive heat, or when a permanent solution is not working.
  • Workshops and Factories –
    With spot cooling functionality, this unit is perfect for cooling individuals or specific tools in a workshop or garage.
  • Retail Spaces and Offices –
    Office air con out of action or can’t wait for the installation? Use a temporary solution to keep productivity high until then.

Additional information

Weight 88 kg
Dimensions 52.3 × 67.1 × 104.2 cm
Cooling Capacity

6.1 kW

Power Supply

50Hz/Single Phase/230V

Size (mm)

523 x671 x 1040



Current Consumption

9.5 Amps

Power Consumption


Refigerant type


Max hot air duct length


Condensate Tank


Cooling Area



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