Ecozone Professional Panther Ozone Generator

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Introducing the powerful, compact and high performing Professional Panther Ozone Generator by Ecozone. This Ozone generator can operate in high humidity at low power consumption and is very effective at odour removal, mould remediation & disinfection.

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The Ecozone Professional Panther is a powerful compact and portable Ozone generator used for effective odour removal and deep cleaning in closed spaces. using the power of O3, the generator speeds up the oxidation process on offending particles that cause the odour, effectively neutralising it. This generator can also be used in deep cleaning/disinfection of areas, being able to reach every nook & cranny that would otherwise be hard to reach with conventional means. Agile equipment recommends using this as a last step in the process of deep cleaning, in combination of other cleaning methods.

A Powerful Portable Ozone Generator:
With a Ozone generation rate of 7,500 mg/h, and a treatment space of up to 250m3 and a flow rate of 280m3/h , this machine is able to effectively treat medium size rooms of odour/mould/disinfection with ease. At only 6.3kg, this machine is compact, easy to hold with a sturdy carry handle and only 35 x 21 xc 35cm big.  Additionally, it runs on very low power consumption of 150W and thus has low running costs. For such high performance, it still runs at very low EM noise & acoustic levels of noise.

Choosing Quality
Ecozone has a 25 year track record of releasing top world leading and high quality technologies for ozone generators that other generic ozone generators cannot match in performance and design. This generator can operate in high humidity levels typical of water damage / mould remediation jobs, whilst many generic ozone generators can only operate in very niche ranges of humidity similar to deserts. There are generic ozone generators that make claims that are only possible in the most optimal of scenarios and in some scenarios are just simply untrue. Have assurance in mind by picking the top leading quality of Ozone generators, that match the claims they promote.

For Rapid re-entry:
Whist Ozone needs time to dissipate after treatment to allow safe re-entry, combining with the Ecozone Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer can significantly reduce the time needed for this. By coupling the use of the Professional Panther Ozone Generator and the Lion Ozone Decomposer with aligned remote timers, Ozone treatment cycle can be a quick turnover, and in some cases a safer course of action. This can allow a job to be completed in a day, allowing more productivity and therefore more profitability.

Odour Removal in Cars:
This product is perfect for removing odours in cars. Simply extend taped down ducting from the unit to an open window. To block ozone from escaping the car, ensure all windows and doors are closed and make a cardboard template that blocks the open window, except for a small cut out circle for the ducting to access. Make sure it is a tight fit or that it is sealed properly. Run for a hour or two, to remove the odour,  leave the Ozone to dissipate and open the windows to be aired out when safe. Do not repeat this process continually, as Ozone can oxidise and damage particular surfaces over frequently repeated use.

Benefits & Features:

  • Powerful Ozone Generator which can treat up to 250m3
  • Small, compact, light and sturdy
  • Low power costs & low levels of noise
  • Can operate in very high levels of humidity
  • Ozone generation rate of 7500mg/h
  • Choosing quality with Professional Panther Ozone Generator
  • Long life & operation hours
  • Pair up with the Ecozone Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer for safe rapid re-entry
  • Perfect for removing Odour in cars.


Additional information

Weight 6.3 kg
Dimensions 35 × 21 × 35 cm

230v 50hz


150 Watts

Ozone Generation Rate


Treatment Volume

up to 250 m³


35 x 21 x 35cm


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