Ergodyne Proflex 360 Hard Shell Knee Pads

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Introducing Ergodyne’s Proflex 360 Hard Shell Knee Pads, the perfect companion to knee-level work. Protect your knee from abrasive surfaces and harmful pressure to your knees.

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Knee pads for work
Proflex 360 Hard Shell Knee Pads are ergonomic protection for your knees when you carry out works. Restorers often have to crawl in to void spaces, pull up carpet, and carry out works at ground level, and the Proflex makes this extremely easy. it’s integrated hinge design ensures that you have all the range you need to complete any task. It tough outer shell combined with its inner-padding helps create a soft but sturdy experience when kneeling down, giving you stability as you work, regardless of how rough the work surface may be.

Durable straps with secure locking system
Each Proflex knee pad comes with two straps near the top and bottom. The triangular latches latch on to the circular knobs, and give the freedom of changing angles that your legs create when moving. This means that the strap does not buckle or gain extra tension at unforgiving angles, but rather is adaptable and flexible. The straps are adustable to fit any leg size.

Tough outer shell that is flexible
Whilst the outer shell is tough, it also has flex qualities. This means that it protects the knees from impact and rough surfaces but if it is ever stepped on, it will not crack, but bend under pressure. It is the perfect balance between sturdy toughness and flexibility. A grippy layer is installed on the knee for extra purchase on surfaces when working.


  • Enables full range of motion, hinge design
  • Sturdy but flexible, perfect balance between the two
  • Comfortable padding with tough outer shell, 1.8cm thick
  • No pressure on binding knees, as straps are fare apart
  • Protects from any surface
  • Durable buckles that lock – no sliding
  • Adjustable and can fit any size. One size fits all


  • Crawling in void spaces
  • Taking moisture readings at ground level
  • removing smooth edge or ripping up carpet
  • HVAC
  • Scrubbing
  • Inspections
  • Carry out works at knee level.

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Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 40 × 30 × 15 cm


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