Ecozone Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer


Introducing Ecozone’s Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer, the ultimate companion to Ozone generators. The Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer is able to decompose ozone (O3) back into breathable Oxygen (O2) with no by-products. Weighing in at only 4.1kg, this compact designed machine can quickly and efficiently “destruct” Ozone in rooms up to 100m3 “by an enforced catalytic conversion 2O3 -> 3O2”. It is is best suited to small to medium sized rooms.  This safe machine is built with a rugged and durable chassis, is portable and has a low power consumption level.

Perfect companion to Ozone Generators
Ozone Generators can produce copious amounts of O3 which can be harmful to nearby occupants. This is why it is imperative for all gaps, doors and windows to be sealed, lest Ozone leaks out. Traditionally, without a decomposer, technicians would leave O3 to decompose naturally over time. After a long period, the technician would quickly return to the room with a respirator and open up the windows and doors, to catalyse the remaining O3 back into O2. By pairing up Ecozone’s Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer to be operated off remote timer, the machine will start decomposing the ozone after treatment is completed. This is done quickly and efficiently, ensuring safety for returning technicians.

Designed to work well with the Ecozone’s Professional Panther
The Lion Portable Ozone Decomposer is made to work in tandem with the Professional Panther: a highly efficient Ozone generator made for deodorisation and mould removal of restoration areas, garbage rooms, hotels, restaurants, bedrooms, homes etc. The Professional Panther is a powerful Ozone generator that needs a powerful Ozone decomposer to ensure safety for its users. This perfect combination is strongly recommended by Agile equipment.

Save time!
Rapid re-entry into the room is possible when using the decomposer. Many hours/days are required for O3 to decompose naturally. using the Lion can save technicians time when having to provide time sensitive solutions to their clients or situation.  It also ensures decomposition in places where windows and gaps may not be present to speed it up (E.G. basements, underground carparks, attics/roof spaces) after treatment is competed.

Benefits & Features:

  • Light weight, compact & portable
  • Quickly decompose Ozone after treatment
  • Perfect for basements/underground rooms where windows and doors are hard to speed up the Ozone decomposition process
  • Perfect Ozone Generator companion, especially to Ecozone’s Professional Panther Ozone Generator
  • Decomposes Ozone with no by products, using enforced catalytic conversion
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Works in spaces up to 100m3, recommended for small to medium sized rooms.

Additional information


230v 50hz


40 Watts

Flow Rate


Ozone Decomposition Rate

95% per cycle




30 x 30 x 32cm


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