Wagner Meters Rapid RH L6 Total Reader

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Wagner Meters’ Total Reader Sensor is a perfect tool for receiving RH and Temperature in-situ readings from Rapid L6 Sensors. By inserting the Total Reader sensor into a drilled hole with the L6 Rapid Sensor inside, will enable to the tool to display the reading on its small LCD screen.

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Wagner Meters In-situ sensor reader

Introducing the Total Reader Sensor, able to work in combination with Rapid L6 Sensors by Wagner Meters to give RH and temperature readings in-situ, in concrete. Additionally the Total Reader has the ability to simultaneously measure ambient RH at the same time.  To use, simply drill a hole and insert the Rapid L6 Sensors. When inserted, you can use the Total Reader by inserting into the same drilled hole and firmly pressing down until it connects with the embedded L6 sensor. Immediately the tool will toggle between RH and temperature readings being received from the L6 Sensor, using its small LCD screen to give the readings at the tip of the tool. Please note that the Total Reader only works with the L6 generation of sensors and does not work with previous generations.


  • Very lightweight and very capable
  • connects seamlessly with L6 Sensors to give reading
  • Small LCD screen to display readings
  • Toggles between RH and temperature readings
  • can be paired with the DataMaster L6 App from Google play store and Apple app store
  • requres 1 x CR1/3n battery

Bluetooth Pairing to DataMaster L6 App

To improve the experience you can pair your total reader with the free Datamaster L6 App in both Google and Apple app stores. This app can help you record extra meta data such as location, time, notes, photos and audio.  Additionally it has a mapping feature that can help conceptualise the location for each reading. It can also generate reports. Leave data entry to the application so you don’t have to worry about human error.


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