XPOWER X-3400 Air Scrubber

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XPOWER X-3400 Air Scrubber is specifically designed for restoration jobs and removes any hazardous airborne particle by letting the air pass through it’s 3-Stage Filtration System.

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Ideal for restoration jobs where airborne contaminants settle on carpet, upholstery, and furnishings or HVAC system, XPOWER X-3400 Air Scrubber is best for cleaning any harmful particles in the air such as gases, chemicals, allergens, pollens, bacteria, mould, fumes, dust and more by making the air pass through its own filtration system where it comes with a series of filters.


Indoor Air Quality has been one of the main health concerns lately, hence it is important and beneficial for everyone to have a HEPA filtered air purification as indoor air can be more contaminated than the outdoor  as air only circulates in one area, and people within the environment can only inhale them and may result to a health problem. XPOWER X-3400 Air Scrubber is specifically designed for commercial use that comes with a portable filtration system with true 99.75% HEPA filtration that prevents hazardous particles in a large area and gives a cleaner and healthier environment indoors.

Additional information

Weight 13.1 kg
Dimensions 50 × 31 × 55 cm

13.1 kg


50 x 31 x 55 cm (L x W x H)


1/2 HP Motor, 220 Watt, 1.0 Amp

Rated Air flow

650 CFM

3-Stage Filtration System

* Nylon Mesh Filter (captures lint, hair and large particulates)
* Pleated Media Filter (captures dust and medium size particulates)
* Thick HEPA Filter (99.975% HEPA filtration efficiency)


Yes (up to 5 units)

Carry Handle


HEPA Filter Change Indicator Light


Variable Speed Control


Wrap Around Cord Design


Larger & Wider Air Outlet


Durable and Rugged ABS Housing



12 Month Limited Warranty


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