Zip Wall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit (ZMD47)

$436.87 Inc. GST

Zip Wall Magnetic Dust Barrier Door Kit is a durable and reusable magnetic door that can be used as a tight-sealed barrier in your workspace/

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In Stock - Delivery Only

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1 x Flame Retardant Door Panel
4 x 1.1m & 2 x 0.63m magnetic strips
1 x header bar with clips for ZipWall© spring-loaded poles
1 x Carry Bag

– Poles not included
– Door panel dimensions: 1.46m x 2.13m
– Works with all ZipWall© spring-loaded poles


Create hands-free, self-closing access to your worksite!

Quick and easy to install, the ZipWall© magnetic door attaches to the barrier material. Powerful self-closing action maintains a tight seal. Durable and reusable.

  • Adjustable header bar for ease of installation
  • Specially designed magnetic strips create a continuous seal around the door
  • High-tech fabric is flame retardant and features a clear plastic window
  • Self-closing magnets are sewn-in
  • Can be used with negative or positive air

Easily handles high traffic!


Safe and proven

– Dust inhalation adversely affects the health of a large number of people nationwide across a broad range of work activities

– The Zipwall© screening system is the proven solution to prevent dust from contaminating the environment and the personnel in it

Additional information

Weight 9 kg
Dimensions 80 × 20 × 20 cm


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