Actichem Percide RTU

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Antichem Percide RTU is a hospital grade disinfectant and offers an advanced formula specifically designed for removing mould on surfaces comes in two sizes: 750ml Spray and 5L whichever best fits your need.



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This product comes in two options depending on you reference:

  • Antichem Percide 750ml Spray RTU
  • Antichem Percide 5L RTU

Antichem Percide RTU is a hospital grade and advanced peroxide based disinfectant that is specifically designed for mould remediation jobs as it helps tackle moulds and disinfect infectious environment. This can be used to remove all mould spores and growth on surfaces and prevent it from coming back. Aside from that, Percide also helps brighten the surfaces and remove mould stains where mould spores and growth were removed.

Lastly, as a hospital grade product, Percide is also an antibacterial which removes bacteria and viruses in 60 and prevents it from coming back to the treated surfaces as evaluated through Hospital Grade disinfection test and AOAC Hard Surface Carrier test.


As Percide comes with an economical RTU profile and as its main job is removing mould, it offers specific formula that are consistent and reliable results. This result can be shown once this product is poured in affect surfaces by showing rapid fizzing upon contact with mould as it tackles and removes mould spores from the surface. It would only take Percide 10 minutes for a >4.5log reduction (kill) when tested against Aspergillus Brasiliensis.

Additional information

Weight 5 kg
Dimensions 19 × 14 × 31 cm

Clear (water white)






Ready to use (or mixed 9:1 with booster)

Safety profile:



5L, 750ml


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