Fibre-lock IAQ 8000 HVAC Sealer

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Introducing IAQ 8000, a versatile solution trusted for duct work reinforcement, encapsulation of fiberglass-lined ducts, and providing resistance to mould growth, while meeting NFPA standards and offering high viscosity for superior bridging ability.

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IAQ 8000 is a trusted solution for various applications, including duct work reinforcement, sealing unlined ducts, and preventing airborne fiberglass and particulate matter. It creates a durable, moisture-resistant coating with a semi-gloss finish that minimizes dust accumulation. With its high viscosity, it effectively bridges insulation materials, while also being resistant to mould growth on the dry coating surface and acts as a sealant for residual mould. Tested to ASTM standards and fire-rated, IAQ 8000 meets the requirements of NFPA 90A/90B standard.

  • Meets ASTM standards for high-performance coatings
  • Forms a durable and flexible protective coating with a semi-gloss finish
  • Complies with NFPA 90A/90B requirements
  • High viscosity ensures maximum bridging ability
  • Reduces sagging and dripping
  • Resurfaces and encapsulates fiberglass lined duct work
  • Provides resistance to mould growth* (limited to the dry coating surface)
  • Successfully tested to meet ASTM standards for performance
  • Forms a long-lasting and flexible protective coating with a semi-gloss finish


Prior to application, mix thoroughly to achieve a uniform consistency. Apply IAQ 8000 to all surfaces by brush or airless spray. Application rate will vary depending on porosity of the insulation. Apply one coat by airless spray, or two coats by brush. Porous surfaces may require additional coats. Ensure that surfaces are completely sealed. Circulate fresh air through the HVAC system to help dry the coating. Exhaust air outside the building.  IAQ 8000 can be applied using HVAC robotic spray applicators (contact Fiberlock for more information).


  • Smooth Surfaces: 9.29-18.58 m2/L
  • Porous Surfaces: Depends on porosity


  • @ 21.11°C 50% R.H
  • To Touch – 1-2 hours
  • To Recoat – 8-16 hours

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