IAQ Pro Midas 70L Dehumidifier

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The IAQ Pro Midas 70L LGR Dehumidifier is a high-performing and reliable solution for efficient moisture removal, making it an ideal choice for water damage restoration projects.

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Portable Dehumidifier

Introducing IAQ Pro’s all-rounder: the Midas 70L Dehumidifier. This portable dehumidifier, compact in size, is able to pull up to 70L of excess moisture from the air and surfaces.

Dehumidifier for small room / Commercial dehumidifier

Because of its compact size, this dehumidifier can be placed in smaller places but packs enough punch to take on full medium sized rooms or more. If you want to reach places otherwise impossible to place a dehumidifier in (such as a void space, ceiling space or inside cabinetry), the Midas 70L’s outlet is designed circularly to work compatibly with ducting or lay-flat. This means that ducting can be easily set up with the Midas to specifically target smaller or closed areas.

This dehumidifier also uses periodic defrosting and purging to maintain the machine and drain collected water. Ensure the outlet hose is placed near a drain or sink. Additionally, for technician’s who worry about over drying, the dehumidifier has a humidistat that can be set. Setting the dehumidifier to a limit of 40% humidity, means that the machine will maintain a humidity of 40% once reached. This helps in situations where over-drying can cause bowing or warping of materials. Also, the Midas can show current humidity, the hours it’s been on since set up as well as it’s total work hours over all.

Easy Storage, compact, portable

This compact dehumidifier is only 71cm high. It’s sturdy handle and big wheels ensure that wheeling this dehumidifier is easy and convenient. Additionally, for easy of storage, this unit is able to stack two high. Often other dehumidifiers have awkward cord wrapping designs that cause the cords to unravel during transport; the Midas completely solves this problem with easy storage at the back of the unit for the power cable and hosing as well. The unit weights 32 kg, so using proper technique, this unit is easy to put into your van for your next job.

Lastly, metal latches near the bottom of the dehumidifier on either side, allows for easy access to the internals of the machine. Unlatching both sides and pulling up the front allows the gas-lifting struts to lift and keep the panel open, for easy internal cleaning and maintenance.

Dehumidifier Mould

This dehumidifier can help mitigate mould by removing excess moisture in the air. Mould needs food, oxygen and moisture in order to grow and without any one of these conditions, the mould cannot spread. Dehumidifiers therefore are instrumental in preventing mould growth. If you have mould growth already, it is important to clean the area of mould before carrying out drying with a dehumidifier.


  • up to 70L of water removed from the environment per day
  • Compact but powerful
  • Limit drying with humidistat
  • Open access with latches for easy maintenance
  • Stacks 2 high for easy storage
  • Easy storage of cords at back
  • Ducting compatible.


Additional information

Weight 40 kg
Dimensions 58 × 56 × 84.5 cm

IAQ Pro Midas 70L



Power Supply

230V/50Hz, 110V/60Hz

Dehumidifying Capacity




Air Volume



580 x 580 x 845mm


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