Sonitron SK50 Carpet Prespray

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Introducing Sonitron’s SK50, an effective carpet prespray grease & oil emulsifier that can help remove grease and oil stains when using a carpet cleaning machine.

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Carpet Prespray Grease & Oil Emulsifier

Introducing the SK50 Prespray, a carpet cleaning solution that efficiently emulsifies oil and grease in carpets, to be effectively extracted by steam extraction / a carpet cleaning machine. This is particularly true when used on polypropylene carpets affected by oil or grease, but can be also be safely used on all synthetic carpets such as 5th generation protected nylon carpet as it is moderately alkaline.  Experience the high quality performance of SK 50 today with your carpet cleaning!

  • Comes in 5L or 20L sizes
  • Heavy Amount of Soil: 1:9 Sk50 to water
  • Medium Amount of Soil:  1 part:24 Sk50 to water
  • Low Amount of Soil:  1:39 Sk50 to water
  • Wool/Wool Blend Carpets: 1:25 SK50 to water
  • Allow 10-20 minutes of dwell time for prespray before extracting with hot water, for maximum effect.

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