Sonitron Sonifresh Deodorant

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Sonitron Sonifresh is an effective deodoriser that can not only provide a fresh long lasting scent but also efficiently target and neutralise smelly odours. It comes in 750ml, 5L & 20L variants.

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Sonitron’s Sonifresh is a perfect deodoriser/deodorant that not o0nly creates a long-lasting fresh scene but also neutralises offending odours that can make spaces seem unbearable. This deodoriser is used by many different carpet cleaners to eliminate odours and create a great scent. Agile recommends using Sonifresh in combination with other Sonitron detergents.

Cat Litter / Dog  deodoriser
Another great use of Sonifresh is to neutralise smells that come from dogs or cat litters. A spraying from Sonifresh can help combat these smells.

    • Compatible with most Sonitron detergents!
    • Long lasting scent that neutralises odours!
    • Available in 750m, 5L & 20L sizes.

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750ml, 5L, 20L


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