Standard 520 Surface Containment Tape

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Introducing the standard 520 surface containment tape – a swift solution for installing surface containment measures for microbial, asbestos, lead, and other hazardous materials. Each roll is 61 cm wide and extends up to 30.48 meters in length.

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Standard 520 Surface Containment Tape – an efficient solution for quickly containing hazardous materials such as microbial substances, asbestos, lead & mould.

Featuring rolls that are 61 cm wide and 30.48 meters long, our tape is designed for fast installation. With it’s custom release liner, technicians can work with this product while wearing full personal protective equipment, including gloves. The tape is made of a 6 mil. Thick, self-adhesive fire-retardant polyethylene film, ideal for sealing off and encapsulating floors, walls, ceilings, cabinets, or other surfaces affected by water damage or potential asbestos or lead hazards. Highlighted by its bright yellow colour, the tape offers high adhesion, ensuring visible protection that sticks. It can adhere to wet and damaged surfaces, effectively encapsulating and containing microbial substances, asbestos, lead, or other contaminants.

This product is specifically designed to promptly seal damaged areas and can be easily removed along with the underlying surface.


  • Fast and efficient installation
  • Designed for containment of hazardous materials like microbial substances, asbestos, and lead
  • Roll dimensions: 61 cm wide and 30.48 meters long
  • Custom release liner allows technicians to work with full personal protective equipment, including gloves
  • Made of a 6 mil. Thickness thick, self-adhesive fire-retardant polyethylene film
  • Suitable for sealing and encapsulating surfaces affected by water damage, asbestos, or lead hazards
  • Bright yellow color for enhanced visibility and protection
  • High adhesion to adhere to wet and damaged surfaces
  • Effectively encapsulates and contains microbial substances, asbestos, lead, and other contaminants

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Dimensions 15 × 61 × 15 cm


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