CleanSpace Ultra Power Complete Bundle

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Save money and grab the complete CleanSpace Ultra Power Respirator System bundle. You will be immediately ready to take on your next project with powered air purifying respirator needs.

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What’s included:

CleanSpace Ultra Power System
CleanSpace ULTRA (CST1010), the newest member of CleanSpace Technology’s lineup of cutting-edge respiratory protection solutions, has been specifically designed for industrial applications that demand water tolerance (IP Rating 65). Acting as a powered air purifying respirator (PAPR), CleanSpace ULTRA provides exceptional safeguarding against dust and gas-related airborne dangers. Its unique advantage lies in its comfort and ease of use, as it eliminates the need for hoses or cumbersome waist-mounted battery packs. Additionally, it incorporates AirSensit™ technology and connectivity features.

CleanSpace Half Face Mask (Both half and full masks are included)
The CleanSpace CST Half Masks are tailor-made for seamless integration with the advanced CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpacePRO PAPR system. These Half Masks can be swiftly attached to the power units and effortlessly detached for cleaning purposes. Crafted from gentle silicone material, the Half Masks conform comfortably to the contours of the face without triggering allergic dermatitis. Note: You will have to choose the half mask size: Medium or Large

CleanSpace Full Face Mask (Both half and full masks are included)
The CleanSpace CST Full Face Mask is specifically created to be compatible with the CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpace PRO PAPRs (powered air purifying respiratory systems). It is well-suited for demanding and prolonged tasks or situations that involve high levels of exposure. Note: Only one size that fits both Medium and Large.

  • Compatible with the innovative CleanSpace PAPR system: lightweight and hose/belt-free design
  • Available in medium/large size for optimal seal and comfortable fit
  • Constructed with soft silicone cushion, nylon clips, and polycarbonate for the exhalation valve
  • Mask Fit Test adaptor can be used with TSI PortaCount fit testing
  • Simple removal for easy cleaning
  • Transparent design promotes clear communication

CleanSpace Combined Filter (P3 P SL R)
The CleanSpace CST ABEK1P3 Combined Filters offer effective defence against airborne particles (such as dust, mists, and fumes) as well as organic and inorganic gases or vapors. They provide protection against solvents, ammonia, and sulfur dioxide with boiling points above 65°C. The CleanSpace CST Combined Filters are designed to be compact and can be conveniently clipped directly into the CleanSpace PRO Power Unit (CST1000) and CleanSpace ULTRA Power Unit (CST1010) without the need for an adaptor. These filters are equipped with the capability to collect filter usage data, which can be accessed through the CleanSpace Smart App.

CleanSpace Particulate TM3/P3 Filter (3 pk)

The CleanSpace CST Particulate Standard TM P3 Filter is designed to provide effective defense against airborne particles such as dust, mists, and fumes.

  • Compatible with the innovative CleanSpace ULTRA and CleanSpace PRO PAPR systems: lightweight and hose/belt-free.
  • Provides protection against airborne particulates like dust, mists, and fumes.
  • Constructed with fibreglass particulate media, plastic casing, and silicone seal.
  • Simple and fast installation and removal from the power unit.
  • AS/NZS1716: 2012 & EN 12942 Standard compliant
  • Includes a pack of 3 filters.
  • P3 is a classification for respiratory filters according to the AS/NZS1716 standards, applicable in Australia and New Zealand. It provides protection against particles generated through mechanical and thermal processes. With a filtration rate of at least 99.95%, it effectively filters airborne partices.

CleansSpace Car Charger
The CleanSpace Car Charger is compatible with all CleanSpace PAPR models including:

  • The CleanSpace Ultra Power Respiratory System
  • The CleanSpace Pro Power Respiratory System

CleanSpace Cleaning & Storager Plug:
The CleanSpace Ultra Cleaning & Storage Plug is specifically created for utilization with the CleanSpace PRO and CleanSpace ULTRA Power Systems. Its purpose is to seal all openings on the CleanSpace PAPR unit when storing it during and after decontamination. Please refrain from wearing the respirator while the plug set is in position. This plug set, composed of nylon and silicone, is entirely safe for use in decontamination operations.

Accessories Included as well:

  • 1x PAF-1101 Charger
  • Carry bag
  • 1x CST1021 CST Harness
  • 1x CST1019 Neck Support Small
  • 1x CST1020 Neck Support Medium
  • User Manual

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