Zip Wall 2 x Side Clamp SC2-Pack (ZSC2)

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ZSC2 comes in two side clamp packs that is specifically designed to be used with ZipWall carry bag with poles and Foam Rail cross bars to help seal off barriers for walls or halls.

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In Stock - Delivery Only

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ZipWall Barrier System products are designed to work together. You can start with a small barrier system and add to it over time. We’ve packaged our products in easy-to-combine kits. To see a picture of each product and its contents, just mouse over the product name.
Package includes:

  • 2 Side-Seal Clamps

Each Side Clamp wall mount is made of polycarbonate and is very tough.

This product can easily fit into the ZipWall carry bag with poles and Foam Rail cross bars.

In some situations where you have large crown moldings and base board heat on the same wall the pole may be to far from the wall for the Side Clamp wall mounts to reach.

Never damage another wall. With the ZipWall Side Clamp and Foam Rail, you can create a tight seal without tape. The Side Clamp wall mount snaps onto the Foam Rail cross bar and then pushes the plastic against the wall to create a dust tight edge. It’s a crazy looking tool but it’s quick and easy to use.

Additional information

Weight 1 kg
Dimensions 40 × 50 × 40 cm


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