Up & Out Carpet Pre-spray Power 10KG

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Experience the power of Up & Out Carpet Pre-Spray Powder – the ultimate and highly cost effective solution for remarkable stain removal and a rejuvenated, pristine clean.

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Category: SKU: 106123


Introducing our Remarkable Carpet Pre-Spray Powder for Exceptional Cleaning Results. This powerful formula is highly effective in removing stains caused by soft drinks, gravy, grass, and vomit. For particularly stubborn stains, we recommend allowing the pre-spray to soak for an extended period before rinsing. Rest assured, our pre-spray powder is safe to use on all types of carpet fibres. It is formulated to be self-neutralizing, maintaining a pH level of 8.50 on the carpet surface. Additionally, our highly concentrated formula provides superior cleaning power compared to liquid alternatives. Experience the delightful freshness of a lemon scent left behind after cleaning with our pre-spray powder.

To prepare, simply add the measured powder to hot water as directed on the product label and stir until fully dissolved. Our economical powder is designed to easily dissolve, making it a convenient choice for your cleaning needs. Suitable for a variety of cleaning equipment, including pressure sprayers, truck mount machinery, and in-line spray with an 8:1 metered tip.

Choose our Carpet Pre-Spray Powder for its exceptional benefits and enjoy an outstanding cleaning experience.

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Weight 10.5 kg
Dimensions 29 × 29 × 27 cm


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