Zip Wall Spring Loaded Poles (1.4m – 3.8m)

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Zip Wall Spring Loaded comes in three (3) different options wherein you can choose how many packs you prefer which can be used with other Zip Wall door or hall kits to make an airtight sealed barrier.

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ZipWall Barrier System products are designed to work together. You can start with a small barrier system and add to it over time. We’ve packaged our products in easy-to-combine kits. To see a picture of each product and its contents, just mouse over the product name.

This package comes in three (3) different options wherein you can choose how many packs you prefer, these are:


  1. Zip Wall 2 x Spring Loaded Poles (1.4m – 3.8m) SLP2-Pack
    comes with:
    – 2 spring loaded poles
    – 2 grip disks
    – 2 tethers
  2. Zip Wall 4 x Spring Loaded Poles (1.4m – 3.8m) SLP4-Pack
    comes with:
    – 4 spring loaded poles
    – 4 grip disks
    – 4 tethers

  3. Zip Wall 6 x Spring Loaded Poles (1.4m – 3.8m) SLP6-Pack
    comes with:
    – 6 spring loaded poles
    – 6 grip disks
    – 6 tethers

The SLP poles extend from 4′ 9″ to 12 feet.

The poles can be placed 8 to 10 feet apart. If there is any significant air movement that pushes the plastic you will want to pull them in closer together.

The GripDisk slide stoppers should always be used especially on hard surfaces. Two GripDisk slide stoppers come in every SLP2 package.


The SLP pole has the spring loaded plunger built right into the pole. The plunger is made of polycarbonate and is incredibly strong yet the SLP pole weighs in at just over a pound and a half. This makes them hard working on the job yet easy to handle and transport. The poles extend from 4′ 9″ to 12′, just right to reach any standard ceiling. This product has received raves from This Old House magazine, Remodeling magazine, and many others. The readers of Building Products magazine gave the ZipWall system the Readers’ Choice Award for 2006.

Additional information

Dimensions 140 × 20 × 20 cm
Pack Size

Pack of 2, Pack of 4, Pack of 6


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